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Jay Rock stands tall in the "Money Trees Deuce" music video

Jay Rock and Top Dawg Entertainment continue to fan the flames of hype for the Watts rapper's forthcoming album. Even though it is currently untitled and lacks a release date, fans anticipation for the oft alluded to album remains steadfast. Rock recently released his sequel to Kendrick Lamar's "Money Trees," aptly titled "Money Trees Deuce," which was a welcomed surprise and a good sign for his loyal supporters. This week, he returns with the brand new video for the track that could definitively prove that his album is closer than listeners assume.

In the five and a half minute long "Money Trees Deuce" video, Jay Rock looks larger than life. Jack Begert and company create an interesting dichotomy between the craziness of Rock's surroundings and his constant strive towards serenity or success. This message does not obviously manifest itself until the last thirty seconds of the video; rather, there are quick manipulation of scene designs and speed. The world around the rapper is filled with chaos and fast paced, but he doesn't let that effect him or his state of mind, as he moves along at a normal tempo. One of the more interesting parts of the "Money Trees Deuce" video comes at the beginning of Rock's  second verse, when he earnestly walks into a room filled with lotto tickets, which he vocally hopes to no longer need.

Hopefully, with the increase in Jay Rock's output and TDE's support, fans will be able to have an album in hand or digitally soon. "Money Trees Deuce" is a powerful, yet chill track and these new set of visuals are able to capture it's mood and message perfectly. 

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