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Axtone gives away Gazlind's remix of Deniz Koyu's "To The Sun" for free

We've seen Deniz Koyu as a frequent flyer on Axtone Records, joining fellow artists with releases that are unique to the label's iconic sound and big room presence. This week, the label welcomes another signee: Swedish production act Gazlind. In celebration of the label family getting bigger, they've teamed up to release Gazlind's remix of Koyu's 2014 hit, "To The Sun" for free.

In the remix, Gazlind enters the dance music race straight out of the gate with a strong rock-influenced electro take on the original track. They've built upon the straightforward progressive club house melody of the original, giving it some grittiness that we love to see from Axtone releases, all while instinctively placing to vocals in places where they don't get overshadowed. 

With the ever changing scape of music streaming online, Axtone has decided to get a little creative with ways to download the track. Ahead of its release on Spotify this Sunday, you can use WhatsApp to message +44 7437 737259 to get the WAV file for free.


to-the-sun-rmx-1500x1500Deniz Koyu
"To The Sun" (Gazlind Remix)
Free Download
Axtone Records

Dance · Progressive


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