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Headhunterz team up with Crystal Lake on "Live Your Life"

We have known Dutch DJ Headhunterz for providing hard hitting, mind-swirling beats in whichever sound he's producing within in the moment. This week, it happens to be with Israeli production duo Crystal Lake on a release on DOORN, Sander van Doorn's imprint that's specializes in releasing electro tracks that each have something just a little different about them.  After releasing some singles that have a tribal tinge to them, "Live Your Life" brings some freshness to the slew of festival-ready tracks that we see released at this time of year. Filled with classic uplifting, hands-in-the-air vocals, the track has a surprisingly radio-friendly construction despite it's electro banger mentality. What makes this different though, is how that banging rock and French electro-infused energy is applied.



Headhunterz & Crystal Lake
"Live Your Life"
DOORN / Spinnin'

Download via Beatport


Dance · Electro House


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