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Pablo Nouvelle burns slow with "Sunday" Feat. JJ & Palin [Premiere]

Hot on the heels of his successful record "You Don’t Understand" featuring A-L-X, Pablo Nouvelle graces the internet today with his latest single "Sunday". And while it may only be Tuesday, Nouvelle has us feeling like it's a chilled out Sunday once again. Pablo says that "Sunday pays homage to my roots with its heavy hip-hop drums and sampled vocals of JJ& Palin which breathe the soul into the song. On the other hand its a typical Pablo Nouvelle song with its fragments of tiny vocal elements and crunchy rhythms that form the song.  - the song accompanies my new single "Take Me To a Place" feat Liv, following afoot."

The record burns slow as it builds into hypnotic beat that takes you away on  JJ & Palin's soothing vocals as she sings about going to other places. There's a beauty in the somewhat melancholy track and for that we give praise to Pablo Nouvelle, to create something sad, yet beautiful is not always an easy task. Go ahead and spin it below. 


Dance · Deep House · Electronic · House


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