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BASECAMP's "Illuminate" remix is a gorgeous rendition of TKSTxDT's original [Premiere]

Aussie based duo TKSTxDT's  (The Kite String Tangle and Dustin Tebbutt)song "Illuminate" is a beautifully crafted auditory journey and an intricately woven tapestry of emotion and art. It is a slow and melodic soundscape that builds in tempo and mood as the song progresses. It captures that feeling of weightlessness, floating without direction or purpose, caught between moments in time uncertain of your future. As it builds it feels as though it represents the optimism and hope that comes with the passing of time. It's a gorgeous interpretation of the human condition and how time illuminates our paths.

Nashville-based electronic collective BASECAMP strip away the original instrumentation in their remix to help bring focus on the lyrics and ethereal vocals. Long drones and sweeping sounds are paired with frenetic bass patterns that make you feel as though you are caught in the chaotic motion of life, but finding solace and tranquility within yourself. It is a gorgeous rendition of an already beautiful track, doing justice and breathing new life and perspective into it. Listen below and follow both of these ingenious artists. 


Chillstep · Electronic · Minimal


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