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Gregori Klosman's "Time To Be Alone" gets the remix treatment from My Digital Enemy [Premiere]

Gregori Klosman's music first hit our radar during the time that we can now look back on as the beginnings of electro's heyday. But with a key release late last year, his signature energy has started to channel itself into something new for the Parisian artist. "Time To Be Alone" is a chilled out track with the underlying echoes of that grinding bass that we knew Klosman for, and soothing vocals from Sarah Mount leading the way to pop music gold. 

Today Klosman has announced that he's not done with "Time To Be Alone," and neither are some of his contemporaries: on June 1st of this year, the remix package will be released via Big Beat Records. The EP holds promise to hit a range of tastes with each remix: deep house from FromDropTilDawn, electro from Cobra Effect and a house remix from one of our favorite artists in the dance community.

British duo My Digital Enemy has made waves with a slew of their latest releases, and they've brought that same conviction for the underground to their take on "Time To Be Alone." And instead of taking the single to 4 AM, they've remained true to the original track by keeping it at a sunset's level of energy.

“I’m super pumped for the remixes of Time To Be Alone, I hand-picked the artists because I knew they would interpret the song in their own unique way and that’s exactly what they did! They all surpassed my expectations and I can’t wait to share them with you” - Gregori Klosman

unnamed-2Gregori Klosman
Time To Be Alone - Remixes
Big Beat Records

Dance · House · Premiere


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