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Chill out with ØRKA's latest release "phantom"

ØRKA's latest release "phantom" is only his second single to date, but the future is looking promising as he comes in strong with a hauntingly beautiful mix of ambient, electronic, and dreamy soundscapes on his latest single. "Phantom" is one of those tracks that let's you float away on the subtle chords and hypnotic vocals. The Miami-native starts off slow as he builds into a steady stream of guitar chords, gentle piano lines, and at the end a sophisticated use of electric guitar riffs, ultimately making for a solid piece of production and a dazzling piece of work. Not much is known about the producer or plans for the future, but with only two down we have our hopes and excitement set high for what's to come. 

Also be sure to check out his first single "tell me" here if you haven't already. 





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