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ANNA's techno meets NERVO's "Haute Mess"

It isn't so often that an international techno star remixes a track from international pop and club superstars, nonetheless seeing two national icons put work into each others music from across hemispheres. But this week, we've seen both of those two things occur with Brazillian techno icon ANNA putting her spin on NERVO's latest single, "Haute Mess." While the original track from the Aussie duo has a cheeky vocal and futuristic tribal festival production, the remix that ANNA put together totally transforms the single into something that's other worldly. Deep, brooding and dark, her remix of "Haute Mess" shows what true wonders cross-genre collaboration can do by morphing it into an eerie, techy masterpiece.

"Haute Mess" (ANNA Remix)

Dance · Techno


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