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Eddington Again unveils his avant-garde solo debut, "Masturgrape" [Premiere + Interview]

Eddington Again is a Los Angeles based MC who has been steadily prepping for the release of his solo debut Masturgrape, which we have been anticipating since the release of the two phenomenal lead singles "Spiral" and "Masturgrape" earlier this month. The day has finally arrived for his massive 11-track opus to be released to the masses, and trust me when I say that it is one of the most original hip-hop projects I have heard in years.

Eddington has truly found an uniquely poetic sound that manages to draw on numerous genres (such as punk, electro-pop, and rap) all while tackling a number of bold themes such as the subconscious mind, depression, substance abuse, love, life, death, and the afterlife. The otherworldly soundscapes were crafted by a wide casts of producers including FRIENDZONE, Alexander Spit, Felix Snow, JST. AM, and Tulip Pezley whose avant-garde productions carefully compliment Eddington's crooning and potent rhymes. Stream/download the project on his Soundcloud and make sure to read the exclusive interview below in order to learn more about the artist's influences and future ambitions.

EARMILK: What would you say was the first experience that first got into music? Who would you consider your main influences to be?
Eddington:  I started singing and rapping in elementary with the homies during recess and lunch breaks. We had a lil' boy band group similar to the 90's group Immature. We would perform at talent shows and what not just for fun then I started taking it seriously about 5 years ago when I did my first track with PRJCTS. I would say my main music influences are DipsetThe FugeesClipseBusta RhymesDarc MindZerohDeath Grips, and Digable Planets. The list goes on as far music acts. Im always playing something and zoning out subconsciously soaking in the vibes.
EM: Would you consider yourself just a rapper or more of an artist in general?
Eddington: Im definitely more of an artist who happens to rap...
EM: What are your thoughts on the current SoCal hip-hop scene? 
Eddington: I think theres a lot going on. Especially on the westside, Long Beach and Downtown. The homegirl Chasity throws these Moonvibe Festvals and books like every underground hip hop act she knows. The party goes from like 5p to 3am with a good 30 or 40 performances. Theres one in Venice coming up soon, very community vibes. Thats one great party and there are other good ones around that are hip hop influenced. Theres mad selection 
EM: Who are some of your favorite artist out today?
EddingtonZeroh, PARTNEXTDOOR, Kojey Radical, Skepta, Santigold, SZA, FKA Twigs, Kelela, Cities Aviv, Memory Tapes, Connan Mockasin, Pan American, So Many Wizards, Kendrick...
EM: What is "Oddience" and how did you get involved with that?
Eddington: Oddience is a group I started with my sister Miche and my boy Pez, just getting together and partying while making music that reflected how we felt what we were going through at the moment. Alot of experimenting and just going with the flow. We called it "Wave Rap" and started shooting videos with Pablo Balderas to the first few joints "Smile" and "Yes Sir". Same month we dropped Smile we ended up catching some buzz and signed to a major, got a manager, an agent and the whole deal. We did SXSW that year and a few shows in LA then ended up parting ways with our manager and label to focus more one the music and personal stuff. Shortly after we hooked up with Felix Snow and made the album Um.Yes You Can which is still available to download on our Soundcloud along with a few other EPs and singles. We also recently released a new track produced by Com Truise called "Watermelon" and have some unreleased material that we're going to put on a mixtape and release mid to late summer.
EM: What does the Masturgrape mixtape mean to you and what messages or motifs are you trying to convey?
Eddington: The mixtape is a expression of the ideas and styles that I've been exploring over the past few years. It is a collection of songs that I've made on my own and with friends. Experimenting and questioning existence as well as telling true stories using poetry and metaphors. Some free flowing streams of consciousness as well as me just being wild and free on the mic. The name "Masturgrape" came from my birth color and a usual dilemma I would have with deciding on temporary satisfaction like masturbating or eating mad chili cheese fries. Or the wiser which would be choosing to meditate or exercise knowing it would benefit me more in the long run.Grape Royale is my birth color and symbolizes mysticism,royalty and being provocative. The color represents me well and I feel the tape reflects that. I believe that the revolution is the evolution of consciousness and thats something that I live day to day and through my music. I also live for fun and a dope ass party
EM: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years (goal wise)?
Eddington: Im looking to evolve and create things that make life better because it exist. 5,10,20 years until I pass to the next phase...


Masturgrape Tape

Eddington Again

The "Masturgrape" mixtape

  • Self-Released
  • 5/4/2015


Exclusive · Hip-Hop · Rap


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