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Mobach shapes an intense dub odyssey in 'XieniX' EP

Opening up nsyde's new series of releases is close label affiliate Mobach. The Dutch producer known for his tendency to mingle the jazzy with electronic & ambient fixings delivers XieniX Volume 1. Tipping his hat to the 90's Gouda club which gave the producer plenty of early influence, the three track EP sees him probe through articulate phases of uncanny soundscapes gliding in cosmical grace. 

Sense of space is consistently present and reworked in Mobach's tracks. Whether looking back on last year's acclaimed "At the Mines of Planet X" or even referencing his 2011 full-length effort, Cold Rain, a listener could confirm rarely feeling restricted or shut-in while enjoying Mobach. 

Xienix, compared to previous releases, settles on a less leftfield drunken vibe and sticks to more traditional dub roots. Opener "Exotic Drones" is entrancing and arrestingly vivacious with a sub bass meant to rattle even the thickest walls. Title track "XieniX" surrounds itself with ghostly soundscapes that perfectly stage heady sci-fi backdrops at a creeping pace. The ambient meter turns up full-on with "Apres" as shimmering synth pads come in across all directions. Paired with riven drums that throw off any linearity, this ending is a musing awakening to an enticing experience. 





Ambient · Dub · Electronic · Techno


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6 years ago

real intense! this is one of the most outstanding techno releases i heard in a long while