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Jimi Charles Moody finds his groove with "Blue Honey"

Forget about soul searching, because you’ll find what you’re looking for right here. This new on the scene, very green (but then again, so…blues) UK soul singer Jimi Charles Moody dropped his debut track “Blue Honey” yesterday and we’re in love with his lament.

“Blue Honey” opens with jazzy keys and Moody’s voice sashaying over the chords. The chorus comes in pretty quickly, and thanks to the song title, we already know half the words, “I feel blue, honey.”  It's like a private piano bar serenade c/o a modern Ben E. King and soulful John Mayer hybrid…and we’re like, "Wait, wait, can we just stay here?" But then it gets better. The keys become an organ, the chorus becomes an actual gospel chorus, and Moody’s spirited tenor tears through the airwaves and tugs at our heartstrings.  

I listened to the track multiple times thinking I had certainly heard it before, but it’s not that I’ve heard it, rather, I’ve been privy to the recipe: that of a hit single. And this song – with its classic melody, lilting chorus, and timeless words – is cut from the same cloth as those greats of yore, today, and evermore. 

Now just to get my hands on the vinyl version of this and a very large glass of Rosé, and the wallowing will be well on its way. 

Blues · Jazz · Soul


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