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"Lost" in mesmerizing love and darkness, Joss Ryan debuts first single [Premiere]

For his debut EP A Dark Tale, Joss Ryan has teamed up with London’s own TrapDoor Records to master a piece of work that speaks in tones of love, attraction, and deception. “Lost” represents the first chapter of this journey, gliding out of the darkness of unanticipated intimacy through passion, dignity, and conviction. This track revels in powerful energy. Although seemingly astray in an unknown land where nothing exists, hi-hats and explosions of life seem to bloom.

Ryan has tested the way that ethereal sound is fused together with beatmaking as heard in “Tokyo Bay”, a track with hypnotic kick drum rhythm, clouds born of rising synth, and better yet, a jazzy count that glides through piano scores. Taking this improvisational like experience, Ryan creates music that fuses together dramatic instrumentation and raw hip-hop vibrations that’ll nod your head back and forth. “Modesty” and “Shut Your Eyes” are two tracks off of the first volume of bass label Route 1 Audio are prime examples of this execution.

A Dark Tale is a combination of contradictions and celebrates the mystery of conflicting emotion. At one moment, it’s uncomfortable, the next it’s uplifting, and yet the EP consistently expresses the idea of angsty happiness. It's seductive and psychedlic. Take a listen to the future on May 18th, which is when TrapDoor Records will release Ryan’s debut EP in full on iTunes, Beaport, and Spotify.


Joss Ryan

A Dark Tale - EP

  • TrapDoor Records
  • May 18, 2015



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