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Damian Simmons bring Chitown to the "Candyflip" in this remix [Premiere]

While the guys behind Damian Simmons haven't been releasing work for all that long, they've been speedily gaining the support of today's best underground music sites and killin' it on the down low. This time around, they've come up with the Chi-town remix, which gains the help from Alex Wiley, Dally Auston, and Probcause on the mic, while SHIGGY, and Dez Wright help out with the production. 

The lineup on this one track is more than a handful to say (we haven't even tried to make one attempt at saying it all out loud yet), but the actual remix is a lot easier to handle, and we're digging the love for the Windy City, as well as what feels like all the fun the guys had making this piece. It's creative, full of energy, and while the song won't change the patterns of Earth, we're more than happy that such a great piece is coming out today on this site. 

Damian Simmons consists of Simone on the mic and Damian Bree on the ones and twos. Check out the remix below. 

Purchase this remix, along with two other greats, via Bandcamp


Hip-Hop · Premiere · Rap


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