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Lakker shares sinister new track from impending R&S debut, 'Tundra'

Dublin-born, Berlin-based techno duo Lakker has been around for quite a while, producing a number of singles and EPs, as well as one album way back in 2007.  Now they're set for a new full-length, Tundra, out on the UK's R&S Records on May 11th.  You can get a good idea of the surprises Tundra has in store from its three early-release singles, "Pylon," "Three Songs," and now the brand new "Oktavist."  

One thing is clear - Lakker have grown a bit restless within the techno framework.  This time they're most interested in melding bits and pieces of everything into a dark new alloy.  You'll hear haunting bells, somber, unsettling piano strokes, and a noticeably varied sense of pace.  On "Oktavist" the duo employs a churning bass groove and horror movie melodies for a slice of dark, unclassifiable dance music.  Check out the track below, and head over to R&S to pre-order 'Tundra.'





  • R & S
  • 'Tundra' out 5/12


Electronic · Experimental


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