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Repeated Measures reveals surrealist visuals for "Lets Leave This Place" [Video]

In the last two years, LA-based producer/multi-instrumentalist Repeated Measures has released an impressive number of EPs & LPs through his bandcamp page. The most notable project out of this batch was his excellent debut LP Collapse, which was released through the newly established Alpha Pup Records imprint New Los Angeles Records and which showcased eighteen of the producer's most inventive and impassioned compositions so far. 

Today the 23 year old has decided to release an interesting visual for the second single off of the Collapse LP entitled "Lets Leave This Place". The first half of the video was created inside of the seminal Half-Life 2 sandbox game Garry's Mod and features some stop motion animation of a lone character wandering around the desolate landscape before wandering into a strange wormhole. The second half of the video then transitions into a sublime live visual performance by artist/designer Lily Zhou. This strange combination of imagery is effective in encapsulating the off-kilter feel of the song & project as a whole. Watch the video below, and make sure to listen/download Repeated Measure's Collapse LP on the New Los Angeles bandcamp page


Repeated Measures

"Lets Leave This Place" [Video]

  • New Los Angeles Records
  • April 21st, 2015



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