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REMI's "Ode To Ignorance" delivers heavy but necessary words [Music Video]

American culture has bastardized and packaged Australia into this bubbly idea of a land down under filled with stereotypes and cliches. When most consider the southern island, thoughts of Men At Work, Crocodile Dundee, Fosters, shrimp on the barbie, Kangaroo Jack, and tanned blonde-headed Aussies that love a good party come to mind. Rarely do they think about the diverse culture and races that populate the land. Australian based hip-hop artist REMI begins his chilling but necessary "Ode To Ignorance" stating the cliche, "I come from the land down under, I'm Australian?" He recites the line with disdain and bewilderment, that so much of person can be reduced to such a simple and misinformed stereotype. His music video is simple but powerful as he stands poised in front of a white wall, dawning white apparel, with his hair disheveled. As he progresses into his record he speaks on what is plaguing the world, how judgement and stereotypes reduce human beings to ideas that inhibit them to show who they really are. As the video progresses we start to notice what appears to symbolize blood appear on his shirt and hands. This audacious metaphor can be interpreted as one that though he may be the victim, we all play a part in propagating this damning world of judgement.

His message is powerful and necessary and one of many striking productions on his album Raw X Infinity, which was released last week. This striking hip-hop group has been making waves over the past couple of years. They have performed with the Gorillaz and have won prestigious awards like the triple J Unearthed Artist of the year J Award and was featured on NPR’s All Songs Considered. This album is a milestone in their career and we are excited to see where this promising group heads next. 

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