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Pnau adds a driving dark sexy force to Miss Velvet's "Cincinnati Street" [Premiere]

Rising new artist Miss Velvet’s music is a mixture of driving sexy electro songs with sultry vocals that pour over the melodies like warm chocolate on cool vanilla. Velvet was discovered in a NYC club by Empire of the Sun member Nick Littlemore, who upon hearing her, asked her to move to LA to begin writing and recording together. The result is this blend of alluring dark pop and indie electronic synth stylings. Her latest single “Cincinnati Street,” is a dark and intoxicating record that would make The Mommas And The Poppa’s happy and fill the whole cast of Hair with butterflies. Stepping up to the plate in a series of remixes is LA based group Pnau with a thumping electro remix that sounds like it was plucked from the Drive or TRON soundtracks. Listen to the illustrious track below and get lost within every pulsating down beat.


Miss Velvet

Cincinnati Street (Pnau remix)



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