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WDSTCK blends disco and house into one infectious single "So Free" [Premiere]

Bergen, Norway is no stranger in creating invigorating artists clandestine for the spotlight. Several years back EARMILK began hearing about this kid named Kyrre Gørvell-Dahl out of Bergen that made smooth melodic beats. His name was Kygo and for better or for worse, he is now dominating the airwaves and main stages with his concoction of bubbly tropical house. There must be something in the waters of Bergen because this city is a robust incubator and competitive battle ground for some of the most captivating and forward thinking house music. Electronic band WDSTCK is a lively group that managed to punch through the fierce starting grounds of Bergen and punch through to the masses. They take a tinge of the atmospheric and tropical sounds known to resonate within Bergen and add their own infectious take on driving disco melodies. Their latest single "So Free," is a lively late night drive that you, or your parents, or your grandparents can't help to hop up on the floor and dance to the beat. Driving bass lines and tightly wound guitar strums all pair so perfectly with the band's vocalist. Take a listen to them below and keep an ear out for this impressive group.




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