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Malanoche's "I C U" will rattle your cage [Premiere]

If you’re a fan of the evil-hedonism sounds of AGLORY and/or the zouk bass genre by way of Buraka Som Sistema and the Enchufada label, then I have a special treat for you today. A while back, I discovered French-Portuguese producer Malanoche lurking in the shadows…and into the abyss I went. One track after the next, I eagerly got drunk on his hypnotic cocktail of zouk bass, techno, electro, and trap.

Today, we are excited to premiere Malanoche’s newest single, “I C U.” The pitched-down babbles and deep, rattling bass give it an industrial feel, but it’s offset by comely, glistening synths. While those drums will undoubtedly wipe a grimace on your face, do appreciate the subtle breezy effects, startled howls, and zips of synths. 

There's a lot more in store for Malanoche and his menacing rhythms.  



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