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SWIMM's new live video for psych-rock single "Beverly Hells" is kaleidoscopic

Together, Chris Hess and Adam Winn are SWIMM: an LA-based psych-rock duo that manage to sound almost better live, and by live, I mean at The Wild Honey Pie's most recent 'Buzzsession'.

Alongside splashy visuals curated by Brandon Lomax, the live video, much like the featured song "Beverly Hells", makes you feel weightless. Hess, as quoted in a press release, explains that this was precisely the intent: "People tend to ask why we named the band SWIMM. I usually say that we have always wanted to make music that makes you feel weightless. When we started talking to WHP about shooting a live video we thought why not try and get as close to that kind of effect visually".

And that's just what they achieved. With spacey guitar and washed out visuals to boot, we're helplessly airborne.



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