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Stream Mura Masa's new EP 'Someday Somewhere' now

A talented fellow of unique production quality, young English producer Mura Masa has been cultivating another project after releasing Soundtrack to a Death in 2014 on Jakarta Records. This debut album featureed tracks fine in quality such as "Miss You", "Lotus Eater", and "...Girl", taking inspiration from immersive sounds of nature. Soundtrack to a Death deeply embeds visions of migrating birds and fluttering leaves in the midst of a morning haze. Mura Masa is noted for organically manipulating synth lines and leaving periods of silence between cascading chimes, painting soft toned pictures of foliage and earth. His use of distinct textures empowers the soul and creates an atmosphere conducive for dancing daydreams.

Alex Crossan's newest work of art Someday Somewhere is a continuation of this purity, accentuating the way echoes permeate open space all around us. With features from Nao on "Firefly" and Jay Prince on "Low", the EP takes influence from post-R&B by focusing more on vocal energy, bars and verse, and lyrical cohesion. And yes, Crossan also uses his own vocals. Mura Masa continues to bring fresh experimental music that is mellow, exciting, and independent of any other sound out there. You can now stream his EP on Soundcloud and Spotify and support the artist by buying Someday Somewhere in full on iTunes. Enjoy.



Mura Masa

Someday Somewhere EP

  • Jakarta Records
  • April 9, 2015


Chillwave · Downtempo · Experimental


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