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Cape Lion release "Called You Mine" [Premiere]

Cape Lion are a duo from Stockholm who deliver what you look for in indie pop, fresh hooks and catchy melodies. Formed in 2012, Carl-Johan Sevedag and Martin Wiklund came together from diverse musical backgrounds to create Cape Lion. Blending genres throughout each of their past releases, Cape Lion's newest song, "Called You Mine" keeps to the same formula.

Using vocals to carry the energy, "Called You Mine" climbs into an anthem once it hits the first chorus, latching on until the song fades out. Just as the vocals provide the spark, the instrumentals act as a sturdy base, accompanying the chorus with ease and adventuring through the breaks. By the time the song is over listeners will be ready for more.

With each release, Cape Lion seem to be coming further into their own, so keep an ear out for more from the duo in the future.

Indie · Premiere · Synth · Synth Pop


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