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BK Bambino gives listeners just a small taste on 'The Trailer' EP

Chicago has produced it's fair share of notable artists these past few years, with a number of the city's major acts headlining shows around the world. Although the Windy City has been directly out of the limelight for a short period of time recently—thanks impart to both Chance The Rapper's and Chief Keef's release schedules, and the shifting direction of hip hop sound—it continues to produce quality young acts that demand your attention. From Mick Jenkins, Saba, Vic Mensa, and the Leather Corduroys, the Second City has stable of talent buzzing around the underground (in Mensa's case, mainstream) eager to breakthrough. BK Bambino wants to make a case for his inclusion onto that list, and his bid is hard to ignore. 

Late in March, BK Bambino and producer D Phelps released their collaborative EP, entitled The Trailer; an apt name for the project, given that it was used to showcase why listeners should be interested in following the young emcee. The tape is short and sweet, running only four tracks long. It isn't much of an investment and the return is worth the twenty minutes that you will spend listening. 

BK Bambino is definitely from the post-Drake generation, a fact that presents itself multiple times on The Trailer EP. It's hard not to hear "Sheriff", easily the strongest song of the four, and not think of Drizzy—especially when he reuses one of the Toronto rapper's weaker lines from "0 To 100." However, Bambino takes his influences qualities and makes it his own, adding a layer of charisma that feels original.  His flow sounds like Drake started to take tips from Meek Mill, then both found out about Chance. It is an interesting mix of passion, smooth braggadocio, and out of this world delivery. "Intro" has some of the best moments on the EP, as Bambino just throws his voice every which way at a turn of the hat.

The Trailer's successes owe a lot to D Phelps, the producer who is going to be making moves in the next few years. Each of the four beats bang and incorporate vastly different sounds. Phelps gives the entire project a slight rock feeling to it, with distortion peaking its head out of every corner. "Sheriff" and "Right Now" are both amazing instrumentals, the latter has this bass that will blow your speakers to dust.

BK Bambino and D Phelps both did their thing on The Trailer, it's hard to imagine them solo. I hope this wasn't a one off collaboration and they become a duo. Check it out below.

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