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Benny Benassi teams up with Chicco Secci on "I Wanna Be Disco" (feat. Bonnie Calean)

Superstar DJ and producer Benny Benassi usually doesn't need much introduction. However, with his latest release, we might want to give listeners a little disclaimer: this one is different. While in recent years we have usually heard big room electro-driven tracks from the Grammy-winning producer, this time, he has both acknowledged his roots and the current industry interest in music other than tracks made for festival play. Teaming up with fellow Italian Chicco Secci and vocalist Bonnie Calean, "I Wanna Be Disco" isn't the future electro you might expect from its title, but rather, a slightly grooved up take on true progressive house. Calean's monotone vocals and the puckering synth chord progression might remind you of Faithless's timeless tracks from yesteryear done in a more modern way, and if anything, is an exciting sign for what's to come from all of these artists. "I Wanna Be Disco" is out today via Ultra Records and available to stream via Benassi's SoundCloud as well.

Benny Benassi, Chicco Secci, Bonnie Calean
"I Wanna Be Disco"
Ultra Records


Dance · House


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