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Dirtybird debuts Billy Kenny & Abby Jane's 'I Operate' EP [Premiere]

What can be said about Dirtybird that hasn't already? The once niche imprint has risen to the top of alternative dance music's peak, having amassed a following of devoted fans looking for the more refined sounds that continue to propel the label forward. Most everyone knows Claude Vonstroke, Justin Martin, and Shiba Shan, but the San Francisco collective has been bringing a whole host of new faces to the scene, this time featuring the debut Dirtybird release of Billy Kenny & Abby Jane's I Operate. The UK/German duo entrance with two tech house works that prove them on par with the imprint's stringent standards. "I Operate" builds off a robotic vocal refrain and ever-present hi hat, though spins something different through wobbling synth bursts. On the other hand, "The Chord March" immediately ensnares with hollow percussive notes and an almost sinister orchestral base.

It's the unique sound of Dirtybird from its two newest artists, Billy Kenny & Abby Jane and you can these two today off Drip or wait for their official release on April 6th.





Billy Kenny & Abby Jane

'I Operate' EP

  • Dirtybird
  • 2015-04-06


Dance · Premiere · Tech House


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