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Synth Space Commander San Holo Drops "BWU"

Sander van Dijck graduated from the Rotterdam Pop Academy in Netherlands in 2012 and since then has been producing glorious synth pop goodness. What led him to adopt the name San Holo could've been attributed to his striking similarities in appearance to the Star Wars galactic hero Han Solo, but is more so rooted in the interstellar appropriation of his music. In the past, San Holo has worked with Dutch label Heroic Recordings to release a perfectly titled EP Cosmos in 2014. His debut offers four tracks that resonate with the future beat community due to his unique playfulness of sound that resembles children choirs and saturated neon waves of sparkles. You could easily compare the influence of his music to that of jersey club, which is mostly about 90s gaming systems and playing masterpieces like Mario and Zelda. Whereas some jersey club is more about unadulterated happiness, San Holo creates the ethereal feeling of travelling at hyper speed and rewinding time into fields of nostalgia in Cosmos.

As close friends with Point Point, a collaborative team of four Parisian producers, San Holo has released a new song on their label Record Record as a preview to the third volume in a compilation series called Filet Mignon. The track "BWU" stands for 'Be With You,' which is part 'I Just Want to Be With You.' Instead of a chorus of children, a cyber girl harmonizes in the midst of synth waves as an attempt to vocalize the yearning everyone always has when missing a certain someone. With the same powerful beat that members of FoFoFadi like Cashmere Cat and Trippy Turtle use to energize the dance floor, San Holo drives percussion for emotional flares. It's bittersweet, it's a little sad, but most of all it'll tug at the heart strings. In the end, this girl's voice is trapped in a text on the phone, and she can't come out to "BWU".

Chicago based lifestyle brand Too Future have deemed San Holo as producer who's full of forward-thinking sound. He's been very successful with his exploration, having remixed a multitude of classics by artists like Dr. Dre and Eminem, showing respect and talent by maintaining the integrity of their musical personalities. Too Future has featured San Holo for a guest mix to illustrate his relevance to the field and Nest HQ has recently dropped his "We Rise" with the hashtag 'Victory Bass'. He's a promising addition to the future synth wave intergalactic scene with different emotional appeals in his repertoire. So as we're going to be seeing more of this fine fellow, fly with San Holo.

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