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We team up with Bad Taste Recs to give you ELWD's "Dreaming in the Day " [Exclusive Download]

ELWD's upcoming release Dreamwaves, is a stunning cascade of melodic sounds influenced by the likes of hip hop and electronic sounds. It's extremely rare that we on the blogging end ever say we hear something unique, and we bemoan at that idea whenever an artist or manager tells us something is of its own, but this one is seriously special and we're super excited to show this to our readers. 

We've teamed up with the amazing guys at Bad Taste Records to give you a free download of one of the tracks, "Dreaming the Day." Check out the interview we did with the artist, as well as the exclusive track below!

EARMILK: Hey ELWD! Thanks for taking the time to talk to us. You made a mixtape that’s meant to be heard in full. Why did you make the decision to make a mixtape and not an album? 
ELWD: Hey, no worries, it's all good. I made it as mixtape to take it back to the days of analogue in a sense, I feel like today it's too easy for people to skip, they aren't taking in the complete idea behind projects sometimes, I wanted to give listeners the full experience at once.
EM: Let’s take a step back. What is your musical history, and how did you get to release with Bad Taste Records? Who were your influences on this release? 
ELWD:  I've been involved in music since I was young really, studying guitar, drums, keys, anything and everything. I always felt connected to it more than anyone I knew, ya know. The release with Bad Taste came about through simply reaching out.
I listened to a lot of older stuff whilst working on this, spending weeks in my local record shop, a lot of soul. Movies as well where a big influence (also), Waking Life, Open Your Eyes, The Science of Sleep.
EM: What are your essentials in the studio? 
ELWD: My essentials for this project where the mpc ren, live percussion and a couple synths here and there, mainly. I'm always experimenting with new hardware and software alike though.
EM: Who are you listening to at the moment? 
ELWD: Right now ive been on a jazz thing, Pharoah Sanders, Mingus and Miles's later stuff, as far as newer music goes, i've been digging the LA beat scene a lot.
EM: What advice would you give to all those aspiring producers/musicians out there? 
ELWD: My advice wouldn't be to the aspiring producers like myself... if they really want it, they are going to continue, regardless. My advice would be to the people out there with the platforms to showcase their work, there are many great musicians out there just looking for a break, a foot in the door, just wanting opportunities. But like my guy Denzel once said - luck is where opportunity meets preparation.

Thanks ELWD! We're loving the mixtape, and can't wait to hear what else you've got in store!

Pre-order the entire release via Bandcamp. It is available as either a digital download or cassette. 




Dreaming in the Day

  • Bad Taste Records
  • April 6, 2015




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