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Stockhaus will have you "Thinking About That Love" in his quirky music video [Premiere]

Norwegian producer Stockhaus spent his teen years in Sweden going to raves and school dances and other teenly things like eating fruit roll ups and watching foreign dubs of Saved By The Bell. His teenage influence of Swedish dance music from the 90s is highly noticeable in his productions, boosting the attitude, energy and personality of productions from the coveted 90s era in his present music. His latest single “Thinking About That Love” is a lively house record with driving synth stabs, thumping bass that will cause your hips to spontaneously gyrate and four four melodies that will have you writhing about to every down beat. This single is off his is forthcoming second album Labor of Love due out April 27th via KRÜX. In conjunction with the singles release, he has released a music video for the track that is just as playful and infectious and the song. Picture if David Lynch let his surrealist dark exploration of cinematography with the quirky, absurd and bizarre humor style of Tim And Eric. This video is perfect for the track and one that we will be thinking about for a while. Watch below and be sure to grab the album when it is out at the end of April.


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