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DADRAS challenges convention with "Peaches" [Premiere]

I think that with anything artistic, there are different levels of difficulty in it. For example, Jackson Pollock requires a certain level of work to get through and understand his art pieces, while Norman Rockwell is a bit easier to comprehend. There's nothing bad about either, and it's all about preference, but in the grand scheme of things, one is a lot harder to grasp than the other two.

DADRAS is one of those musicians that most definitely lands on the difficult end of the artistic spectrum. The New York based producer has become a bit famous for his chaotic live show, and he's finally getting ready to release a debut with Connect Records. "Peaches," the track we're releasing today, is simply not for the lighthearted. It infiltrates the brain and takes over, so anyone looking to get work done for the next few minutes might want to steer clear. However, for those looking for something that challenges your musical repetoire, this is a must hear. For those that like to spread their wings and soar, make sure to check this out. 

Stream the track below. Dadras's upcoming debut release RUBAIYAT I is out on March 30th.




Dub · Experimental · Post-dubstep · Premiere


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