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Myles Travitz shows versatility and unique craft in "Snow" remix [Premiere]

West Coast based pop group Machineheart has sound rich in gripping lyrics, intricate and infectious melodies, and an impressive danceable rhythm section that takes you over. Their single “Snow” is a light yet heavy mix of indie melodies, pop vocals and massive percussion. Newcomer producer Myles Travitz attempted the difficult task of remix the flawless original and it is safe to say that his efforts didn't go unnoticed. His ability to take the haunting ethereal vibe of the original production and keep it’s personality intact while adding his own unique electronic spin is impressive. Minimal melodies sweep underneath the vocals as her voice captivates. When the chorus comes an electrifying burst resounds through, punching past the somber nature of the record and elating the senses and spirit to sing. Take a listen to the track and grab a free download below.


Dance · Electronic · House · Industrial · Minimal · Premiere


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