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Finally getting some warm vibes up in here c/o La+ch's "California" [Premiere]

I feel like my last few posts have been not so subtly shrouded complaints about the weather in NYC - and today is no different, as it’s late March and I’m staring out at sheets of snow falling outside my window. Forced to blanket myself in rich synth and up my heart rate with danceable beats, songs like “California” from enigmatic producer La+ch are just my (piping hot) cup of tea.

Call me old fashioned, but I typically like when a track doesn’t give it all up in the first few seconds. “California” shows impressive courting game, wooing with simple key chords, a clapping rhythm and soft ooh-ing intro. At :18 La+ch brings the funk with a synthesized reedy hook and lively 80s inspired tempo.

At 1:28, “I’m going to California” is sung with such shrill urgency, at first listen it sounds like, “I’m gonna die for ya.” And at 2:20 when the music drops out and there is only the beat and strained, high-pitched vocals, I’m realizing the latter might be accurate. Verdict is still out. Whatever the lyrics, the contemporary and jazzy track “California” proves La+ch can mix with the masters.

This multi-instrumentalist received critical acclaim for his #1 hit, “You Are My Summer,” has been sitting high on the charts at HypeMachine, and will release his first album on March 31. So in two words: take note. 

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