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Krystal Klear and Yasmin's "One Night Only" gets remixed by Marquis Hawkes [Premiere]

Krystal Klear and Yasmin's "One Night Only" is an addicting dance tune that we absolutely loved a couple weeks back, and we're super excited that we have the opportunity to premiere a remix of the track with you guys. 

Marquis Hawkes is a brilliant Belgian DJ and producer who's not afraid to let the music do all of the talking. Bringing a darker tech-influence into the nu-disco original, the remix is edgier, darker, rougher... a perfect balance for those bringing "One Night Only" late into the night. 

For those that love Yasmin's brilliant voice but are looking for a darker vibe than what the original provided, this one is for you! Check out both the original (in music video form), and the remix below! 


Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 21.32.37

Krystal Klear and Yasmin

One Night Only (Marquis Hawkes Remix)

  • March 18, 2015


Exclusive · Premiere · Tech House


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