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C. Pitt will be the "Good Guy" that ends up on top [Video Premiere]

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The North Carolina music scene is one of my favorite places to find up-and-coming hip hop artists, and honestly one of the most exciting scenes in general for me. From the jazzy styles of Tange Lomax and King Callis, to the more traditional hip hop leanings of Phlo Deli and C. Shreve, the state as a whole is brimming with amazing talent. 

C. Pitt is another artist we've been following for quite some time, and we're really really excited to share this one with you as he's been one of the most exciting out of the bunch. Full of energy, lyrical prowess, and great delivery, C. Pitt's premiering his most exciting video to date "Good Guy," with us. With analysis of the complexity of being the good guy and the difficulties of trust in today's world, C. Pitt brilliantly brings sense to the world with his lyrics, and ever since we saw the video, this song has been on constant replay at the office. 

Check out the video. We premiere stuff everyday, but we're particularly excited about this piece. His upcoming project, Amethyst EP, will be out April 1st

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