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Take a ride through Shlohmo's world in his new "Beams" [Video]

Shlohmo recently announced a new album, Dark Red, out April 17 via True Panther Wedidit.  We've already heard "Emerge from Smoke," the menacing track "Buried," one of the darkest and most brutal cuts ever from the producer.  Now he's shared a third single, "Beams," along with a music video made up of chaotic camcorder footage.  "Beams" continues the intense style that "Buried" had indicated, but there's much more redemption this time around.  Opening with epic synths and a hammering beat, the track evolves into a gorgeous drum and bass track that I don't think anyone saw coming.  Shlohmo has always been ahead of the pack, but it's starting to feel like Dark Red will be another world entirely for him.  While you wait to hear the rest of it, watch the "Beams" video below.




"Beams" [Video]

  • True Panther / Wedidit
  • 'Dark Red' out 4/17



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