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Hostage joins Nite Records, unveils 'Bully' EP [Premiere]

With their first release dropping in April of last year, Nite Records has only just embarked on the first leg of an imprint's journey. However, the LA-based label possesses a knack for singling out those artists who delve into the deep, while still keeping it decidedly funky and fresh. Joining them on this adventure is none other than Hostage, the Scottish house producer who has been surfacing throughout Soundcloud by way of tracks like "Winged" and his remix of M.O's "Dance On My Own".  Today's work, his Bully EP, marks Hostage's first release with a U.S. imprint and includes two tracks: the title, along with "Phase3B".

"Bully" opens with a more traditional piano melody and obscured vocals, but soon takes a turn through a muffled siren and rounded synth pulses that cut through the track. On the flip side, "Phase3B" thrives of an industrial base of ever-rising drum work, joined by hollow mid melodies that resonate across the soundscape. Though Hostage crafts a unique experience throughout each track, they both converge by way of unexpected nuances that make Bully Nite Records' biggest achievement yet. Head over to Beatport for the release and read on for remarks from the artist himself.

"As I often do when writing a track, I visualized the dancefloor, I put myself on it, and channelled what I wanted to experience and how I wanted to feel. It may sound hackneyed but I really wanted to create something which would transport the listener to an uncharted territory in their mind; I also kept uncontrollably visualizing high speed trains and impressive bridges and a forward moving kinetic energy whilst working on these tracks.  I deliberately stretched myself to the edges of my sound palette incorporating a recent re-infatuation with metallic, mechanical and abrasive sounds..."





Bully EP

  • Nite Records
  • 2015-03-10


Dance · Electronic · House · Premiere


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