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Cashy and Bowham have some fun in "Demolition" [Video]

I'd like to think that if I was ever going to be a rapper, that I would pick the sort of art direction that Cashy has. While no household name quite yet, he's got some of the most exciting outfits, a killer attitude, and just seems like a hilarious, fun-to-be-around dude. I can definitely see him being around in the long run, and with a track like "Demolition," it's easy to see why. 

The video isn't of the highest budget, but it's fun, and shows him and his friends turning up, even when they get fired from their jobs. Don't worry they, they don't seem to be. 

Check out the video below, BowHam’s debut mixtape is set to see a release very soon. 

Also, if anyone knows where they're getting their multicolored (i.e. AWESOME AF) jackets, please message me. 


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