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Noah sets the 'MOOD' [Download]

Noah is a 27 year old Japanese artist hailing from the cold winds of Hokkaido Prefecture. She's been slowly building a strong fan base and overall buzz with her mixtapes, the first of which came out in 2013.  With this increased exposure, she's finally gearing up for her debut album release, and recently released her last mixtape to give us one final taste. 

What results is a stunning piece thats relaxing, and yet entirely full of dynamic emotion. It's the sort of track that helps start and end a hot yoga session, for all the yogi's reading this, I think this will resonate well. For those of you that aren't, if you're looking for a song to light one up to, or just looking for something to help meditate/chill with, this is one for you. 

Her debut album will be out in June via Flau Records. Check out her mixtape below, it is also available for download via Soundcloud.



1 take it down
2 plerumque
3 mood
4 ascension feat. sddiq
5 face




Downtempo · Jazz · Mixtape


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