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It's a "Mad World", as Aesthetics Sound show us in brand new video [Premiere]

Manchester, England, has always been associated with one thing; rain. In fact, it's known as one of the rainiest cities in the UK, so much so that a famous soccer manager once said "it never rains in Manchester, it pours". Whilst the weather may be rather depressing for the most part, the music scene in the city is bubbling and thriving. One of the latest collaborative efforts to come from Manchester is the brand new label Aesthetics Sounds, comprised of some of the city's finest talents including EARMILK favourites Bipolar Sunshine and Murkage.

Aesthetics Sounds was drawn up by the collective in a bid to think and move outside the box when it comes to the music they create, a vision they all share. In fact, it's quite ept that they describe the music they produce as 'grey', considering they hail from the place where grey skies loom over them like a huge clouded roof, one they're itching to break through. Today, EARMILK can exclusively bring you the premiere of the labels brand new video "Mad World". Taken from their first release Aesthetics Sounds 1.0, the track features current UK hot talent Bipolar Sunshine and incredibly talented artist and producer extraordinaire Jazz Purple, and it gives their take on the Tears For Fears classic anthem of the same name. With hard hitting drums, and airy synth sounds all mixed together to give a brilliantly atmospheric rendition of an 80's gem.

The visuals for this track were handled by the supremely talented GAIKA (who's worked with the likes of Murkage & Bipolar Sunshine on other projects), who has created another visually stunning piece that accompanies the track perfectly. We see Bipolar & Jazz performing in front of a backdrop which is constantly changing with clips of everything that's crazy about the world, from the KKK, to celebrity gossip to girls twerking, showing us that the priorities some of the world has are truly crazy.

Peep the video for "Mad World" below, and be sure to check out Aesthetics Sounds 1.0, which can be streamed and downloaded for FREE over on their Soundcloud

Alternative · Bass · R&B


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