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AOTOA hits "Limbo" with minimal future garage

"Wobble Wednesday" used to feature a wealth of dubstep, drum n bass, and what I used to refer to as "Future Garage". It was stuff that you'd find on XLR8R, in the lowkey sets of chill Los Angeles bars, and in the basements of Boston's most elite vinyl heads this side of Williamsburg. Tunes like Noah Pred's "Valence" and My Mind's "Today" were commonplace. Today, one of the more current artists of the field, AOTOA, released a track with similar unstructured vibes.

When asked about his musical process and interesting use of kitchen-style percussion, AOTOA says, "An important part of my sound is original field recordings, from the echoes of a clap in a big hall to percussion from kitchen appliances to ambient city sounds. A microphone is as essential as keys to me when leaving home."

"Limbo" is the kind of tune you grace your car with during those early morning commutes to work. Or as the middle track on your travel playlist. Or simply every chance you get, be it smoke sesh, chill sesh, or the swooning of a love interest. AOTOA crushed this original and we couldn't be more excited for the release of his debut album, Seconds, off Brighton's Jalapeño Records.

Downtempo · Experimental


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6 years ago

“: AOTOA hits "Limbo" with minimal future garage - http://t.co/0hHSPYWgBg @aotoamusic”