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Stream Wolf Colony's alluring debut album, 'Unmasked' [Exclusive]

Hailing from New York City, Wolf Colony is a singer-songwriter who would rather let the audiences gaze be upon his music and not his face. His approach is very Sia-esque and his array of wolf masks are alluring and intriguing. He got his start in 2012 when he began collaborating with friend and fellow music producer Neal Sarin. His intention was never to become a recording artist but the two worked organically leading to the inevitable fruition of Wolf Colony. Together their music is a dark and sensual blend of minimalistic electronic-pop melodies intertwined with the vulnerable and melancholic vocals. His compositions are sparse as to draw focus to his lyrics and vocal patterns brooding with emotion and passion. His debut full-length album Unmasked is set for release tomorrow but today you can stream the album in full here. Take a listen below and be sure to grab this album tomorrow when it is officially released.




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