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Maxo Kream and Father link on "Cell Boomin"

Maxo Kream has been steadily grinding his way through the Houston underground rap scene for a few years, gaining more and more traction as time goes. His brand of sinister, marauding production with frank tales of past transgressions makes him one of the more interesting artists working their way above the underground. His latest single is a collaboration with Awful Media'Father. It might seem like Kream's trap obsession and Father drug debauchery might be odds, but this apparent juxtaposition gives "Cell Boomin" a strangely intoxicating quality. 

"Cell Boomin" features the usual atmosphere of a Maxo Kream track, with ear splitting bass and keys floating all over. The production sounds like what you might hear on the way to hell as your soul is forever damned. Clearly, Maxo's verse plays on this vibe and his wordplay is filled with the usual suspects: Fiends are being served, clips are being purchased, and guns are pointed at your neck. If you happen to run across the young emcee, steer clear of tampering his business ambitions.

Father's conversational style interrupts the despair, which is both funny and welcomed. Instead of talking about doing the trapping, the Atlanta rapper discuss buying the product. He adds a carefree attitude to the track, which makes Maxo's following verse a little more nihilistic.

"Cell Boomin" will be on Maxo Kream's next release, Maxo187, which is due out soon. Hopefully there will be more boundary shifting features on this project, as this one was a marked success. Maxo and Father are a solid combination, who would have thought it?

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