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Beshken generously drops the minimal "Hiro"

After a three-month hiatus from his last release, Beshken, the new wave electronic producer, is back with a original track titled “Hiro”. The Los Angeles producers follow up on his track “Right Time,” which has spawned nearly 200,000 plays in a span of four months, is a minimalist, electronic track flush with gated samples and echoing snaps. “Hiro” begins with a simple, melodic sequence layered with quirky samples that sound as if they came straight out of one of a Legend of Zelda games.

As the introduction progresses, an oscillating beep crescendos into a magnificent breakdown that introduces those mentioned above vibrant, gated samples, all backed by pounding drums. Just as the listener gets acclimated to the sudden gated sample synths, Beshken switches from gating the samples to utilizing them in a synth pad like fashion, which adds another dimension to the already dynamic track. The track then valleys into an eerie soundscape dominated by the ringing of chilling bells. Although “Hiro” is an unorthodox combination of distinct stanzas, the Next Wave Records artist can balance all of the track’s elements perfectly; a feat which speaks to the young producer’s talent as a composer.

Take a listen to “Hiro” below, and get on the Beshken sound wave before the hype surrounding him builds into a tsunami; a phenomena that I believe will occur once his forthcoming EP drops.


Chillstep · Electronic


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