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Wolfgang Gartner remixes Royksopp's "I Had This Thing"

It is so often that we see collaborations between artists whose music lives in the same realm of sound. But then there are the times that Guy Gerber collaborates with Diddy on an album, and this week, dance producer Wolfgang Gartner has remixed Royksopp's "I Had This Thing." Though you may say that this team is pretty fathomable because of both artists' propensity for making music without boundaries and totally on their own terms, this was still a surprise for me to find on the Beatport landing page. Out this week via Dog Triumph, Gartner has put his tech fuel into a serious electro remix to the originally chill electronica track, boosting it to an energy level that you probably wouldn't associate with its original. Check it out below.




"I Had This Thing" (Wolfgang Gartner Remix)

  • Dog Triumph
  • DOG016BP1


Dance · Electro House · House


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Patricio A. Greco
6 years ago

@wolfganggartner @royksopp http://t.co/58xGBlAUGl

lil' Kurt
6 years ago

@wolfganggartner @royksopp My two least favourite artists, great.