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Learn to spell in GoldLink and BMB Spacekid's "FBGM"

Woohoo! I snagged a GoldLink post. The kid has been so fun to watch since this time last year, going from his first phase as an anonymous musician to being a guy everyone wants to know. Just last week Link teamed up with Falcons for "Vroom", announced he is currently working with legendary producer Rick Rubin, and now has another collaboration called "FGBM" with BMB Spacekid.

It's obvious where the GoldLink "stigma" is sprouting from: his voice. It's infectious, smooth yet risky, and of course sports some fun lyrics for the crowd. It's more than just rap with Link, he's been subtly fusing dance music and hip-hop in a way no one has before, which definitely has some more-than-normal eyes on him. This new track with Saint Petersburg's BMB Spacekid is a continuation of the year-long buzz, which had began to trouble listeners towards the end of 2014. However, that moment is probably the best one you can achieve in today's rap game. Leave them wanting more, not begging for less.

Take a listen to "FBGM" below and if you've slept on the kid GoldLink until now, you have some catching up to do here.


GoldLink & BMB Spacekid


  • February 23


Dance · Electro Hop · Hip-Hop


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