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Find joy in this homecoming video for GOLDHOUSE's "When I Come Home" [Premiere]

It’s 9pm, you’re chilling with bae on the couch watching Law & Order or Shameless or whatever it is that vindicates you sitting on the couch lifeless for hours on end. All of a sudden it goes to a commercial break and Sarah McLachlan is on your TV holding a downtrodden pooch as somber music plays and pictures of mangled dogs are flashed on your screen. Not cool Sarah – we didn’t ask for these feels. On the other end – some military homecoming videos can cause the same unsolicited affliction (for me at least). However in electro-pop quartet GOLHOUSE’s heartwarming military homecoming video for “When I Come Home” they juxtapose the homecomings with jubilation and immeasurable unadulterated joy families feel with their loved ones return. Giddy synths flourish and thumping bass protrudes as the audio snippets from the live homecomings are brought in and it. Feel warm and fuzzy with this lively track and heartwarming homecomings and grab a copy on iTunes here. And Sarah take note, you don’t need to make us feel like crap to make us feel.


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