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Streakers reveal it all with "Shut Up! [Premiere]

With a name like Streakers, you might be expecting some late night Frank the Tank-esque misadventures before hitting play. Alas, the indie-pop duo made up of Larcy and Taylor Wise lacks any semblance to Will Ferrell going solo dolo in the streets--although, that's probably a good thing. While both musicians have had success independently--Larcy with her powerful vocals alongside a myriad of EDM tracks and Wise with his endeavours that have led him to experiment with everything from hip hop to tropical house since his early high school days--"Shut Up" marks their first collaboration as a group. The New York natives have created a spectacular brand of radiating, cheerful music that'll make you wish you were partying it up in the middle of summer.

According to the duo, the name originates from their open, honest, and carefree nature. "We're all streakers in our own way," adds Larcy, "whether it's through fashion, music, or simply being yourself by how we expose ourselves and connect with those around us." Let's hope that Streakers keeps the momentum going with more great music real soon.




"Shut Up"

  • February 19th, 2015


Exclusive · Indie · Pop · Premiere


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  • @iamlarcy @taylorwise_ @nickvtheory so grateful to have your support! thank you for the premiere guys. Much love

    Avatar STREAKERS February 19, 2015 5:15 PM Reply

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