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Re-Up present their captivating debut album, 'Nelcorpo'

Unlike many DJ duos who separate over creative differences, Italian producers Leo and Omar, aka Re-Up, have worked together for over fifteen years.  With a long running residency at TAG Afterparty, the pair have a 90's inspired sound that can best be described as a blend of house and techno.

Available February 23rd via Dissonant is Re-Up's debut album, Nelcorpo.  Comprised of seven different tracks, the output offers the listener captivating textures and entrancing grooves.  "Concrethereal", with its wistful melody, begins, followed by "Aju paraplu" with its deep, 4/4 beat.  The soothing “Gominola” is followed by the more playful “6AM” and the techno thrust of “The mole”.  Finally, “Tribute” and the blissfully serene “Extended” round out the EP. 

Stream the album on Soundcloud and check out Re-Up on social media below.



'Nelcorpo EP'

  • Dissonant
  • February 23, 2015


Dance · Electronic


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