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Rich Quick revives Golden Era sounds with "No1" [Premiere]

If you ever needed an example of zigging when other people are zagging, let the latest from Rich Quick be evidence. We live in a time where everyone and their momma has adopted the same flows and styles and essentially diluting their own sound to appeal to the masses (in fact, stay tuned next week to hear my new tape where I rap using a modified "Migos flow" over DJ Mustard beats.) Instead of repeating the same old formula, the New Jersey spitter comes flying out of nowhere with a massive right hook in the form of "No1," which has him delivering a plethora of hot lines without getting too overwhelming.

In many ways, "No1" reminds me of a flick like Mulholland Drive where each listen/viewing offers a new, previously missed piece that adds to the genius of the overall project. Sometimes you'll be caught in a trance by the hypnotic Ahmad Jamal sample courtesy of producer STANKFOOT; other times it'll be Quick's fluid wordplay and penchant for storytelling skills that'll stick out in your mind. "No1" is the first release from Rich Quick's next project, The Everywhere Man. There's no release date confirmed yet, but expect some flames if this indicator of what he's got in store for us.



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  • @RichMFNQuick thanks so much for the support!

    Avatar Ccelli February 19, 2015 4:24 PM Reply
  • @RichMFNQuick thanks so much for the support!

    Avatar Ccelli February 19, 2015 4:24 PM Reply

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