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Pnau remix Petite Meller's "Baby Love" [Premiere]

French pop singer Petite Meller has become known for three things; her distinct voice originating from her foreign upbringing, her young Mia Farrow look, and her outlandish videos. As an up-and-comer, the young singer is slated to release her debut LP in the near future. Progressively gaining more and more attention towards her music, Petite is an artist to keep on your watch list in the future.

Australian-based duo Pnau, on the other hand, are already established. They have released five acclaimed albums in their native country and their newest release with Elton John also went number 1 on the UK charts. Occasionally Pnau release remixes of others' work, which has included Ellie Goulding and Rixton in the past and today we are featuring their remix of Petite Meller's "Baby Love".

In transforming the Petite original, Pnau introduce an industrial vibe to "Baby Love" supported by a bold electronic backing and mechanical effects that allow the vocals to take on a new shape. As the mix progresses it dives in and out of breaks, providing breaths of fresh air. Just before the song closes the infectious sax solo from the original bleeds in to carry the load. In all, Pnau capture the core elements of the Petite original without ever loosing focus on their sense of direction.


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terry jee
6 years ago

@islandrecordsuk @pnau @petitemeller THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR YOUR SUPPORT !!!!!!