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Khary Durgans duels with himself in "self centered/Twenty - 3"

Khary Durgans continues to grow both as an artist and a human being,  a duality that comes across in his music and makes him an engaging underground figure. While up-and-comers' swaggering braggadocio has kept hip hop mesmerized, the young Rhode Island emcee has decided to take a slightly different route to discover his own unique voice. He does still embody the typical rapper tenants—including ample pussy references and the occasional shout out to the haters—but he also provides an intimate look at his journey to adulthood and his numerous attempts at navigating through this modern musical landscape.  The two sides of Mr. Durgans are perhaps the most apparent in his latest single, "self centered/twenty - 3."

Even though one doesn't brag incessantly, arrogance can still find its way into his or her thoughts or speech. Apparently, Khary Durgans has been told that he is himself is "self centered." His reaction to this possible revelation plays out in the first half of this six minute track, which finds him smoothly confessing to committing number of wrongs to those closest to him. This portion of the song  definitely harkens back to some Kid Cudi or early Drake influences, where the emcees would just recount past failures of character. However, Durgans nasally anxious flow strips these remarks of any coolness and only leaves pure genuineness.

"Twenty - 3," the latter half, is more energetic and head bopping. James Rodgers did an excellent on this beat, his synths and sample work on this track are top notch. Khary doesn't sound as conflicted at this point, as he did in "self-centered." Nonetheless, he is still making an effort to figure out what exactly is going on in his life. Even though he is only twenty-three, Durgans seems to be growing up and maturing at such a fast rate, forcing his mind to confront some important topics and choices.

"self centered/Twenty - 3" is a fantastic experience and definitely worth seven of your minutes. If you like this track, you should head over to Khary Durgans' soundcloud page, where you will find a number of his older tracks.

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